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2010 Summit Securing the World's Energy Needs
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Mohamed bin Dha’en Al Hamli has served as Minister of Energy for the United Arab Emirates since 2004. He was formerly with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates, fulfilling responsibilities in marketing, finance, personnel, and distribution. In 2007, he was president of OPEC. Mr. Al Hamli is also Chairman of the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (EMARAT), Chairman of the Federal Water and Electricity Authority (FEWA) and Deputy Chairman of the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) and a Member of the Advisory Committee for the Supreme Petroleum Council.

Brian Baird is a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has served since 1998 and represents the third district in the southwest section of Washington state. Dr Baird, a clinical psychologist, is a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Science and Technology Committee, where he serves as Chairman of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee. As chair, he plays a key role in crafting a new approach to energy.

Steve Black is Counselor to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. He co-chairs, together with the Deputy Secretary, the Renewable Energy and Climate Change Task Force, which directs all agencies and bureaus within the Department to make the production and transmission of renewable energy on public lands managed by the Department a priority. Mr. Black also advises the Secretary with respect to development of conventional energy sources onshore and offshore. Prior to working in Washington, he practiced environmental law in Colorado and served as Deputy Attorney General for Natural Resources and the Environment in Colorado.

José Maria Botelho de Vasconcelos has been Minister of Petroleum in Angola since October 2008. He also held the position from 1999 to 2002. During the interim he was Minister of Energy and Water. Previously he participated in strategic plans for the industry and worked for Shell France and Cabinda Gulf Oil. Mr. Botelho de Vasconcelos began his career in the field at the Industrial Technology Institute in the mid-1970s.

Charles Boustany, who comes from the southwest district of Louisiana, is serving his second four-year term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Dr. Boustany is a heart surgeon who practiced in New Orleans before running for office. He had been active in civic and medical societies, and he has been a strong advocate for the recovery of Louisiana.

Tom Buis has held the position of CEO of Growth Energy for a year and a half. The organization promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by supporting broader use of ethanol. Mr. Buis is former president of the National Farmers Union and had been an advisor to former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

Jake Caldwell is the Director of Policy for Agriculture, Trade & Energy at the Center for American Progress. Prior to joining the Center for American Progress, Mr. Caldwell served most recently as the Program Director for Trade and the Environment at the National Wildlife Federation. Since 1991, he has been actively involved in the development of trade and environment policy and has written extensively on the relationship between trade, environment, and development. Mr. Caldwell is an adjunct professor of law at the University of Maryland School of Law where he teaches a seminar course on the environment and world trade. The Center for American Progress' Resources for Global Growth program is focused on the linkages between agriculture, trade, and energy policy in the U.S. and our efforts to enhance national security and alleviate global poverty.

Catherine Cesarsky is High Commissioner of Atomic Energy for France, a position she has held since last April. She is an astronomer and has been affiliated with the California Institute of Technology and the Department of Astrophysics of Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique. She has served as Director of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and as President of the International Astronomical Union. Dr. Cesarsky is a member of the French Academy of Science and similar groups in Sweden and the U.S. She sits on the Consultative Committee for the Euratom Specific Research and Training Program in the Field of Nuclear Energy – Fusion (CCE-Fu).

Ariel Cohen is a Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation. Cohen brings firsthand knowledge of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East through a wide range of studies, covering issues such as economic development and political reform in the former Soviet republics, U.S. energy security, the global War on Terrorism and the continuing conflict in the Middle East. Cohen joined Heritage in 1992 and is now a Senior Research Fellow. He has served as a consultant to both the executive branch and the private sector on policy toward Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. He participated in a long-term study known as Russia 2025 conducted by the World Economic Forum and in Multilateral Deterrence Study for Office of Secretary of Defense and in other projects. Cohen is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, and Association for the Study of Nationalities.

Svante E. Cornell is the Research Director of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute (CACI); and Associate Research Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. His geographic expertise is in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia. His areas of specialization are conflict resolution and negotiation, corruption and transnational crime, elections and foreign policy, oil politics, post-conflict reconstruction, strategic and security issues. He also serves as associate professor of political science at Uppsala University in Sweden; was course chair for Caucasus Advanced Area Studies at the Foreign Service Institute; lectured at the Royal Swedish Military Academy; co-founded and serves as co-director of the Institute for Security and Development Policy in Stockholm.

Anton (Tony) Dammer is Senior Vice President of Red Leaf Resources, Inc., a Utah company that developed the Eco-Shale In-capsule Technology. Mr. Dammer is former Director of the Office of Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves in the U.S. Department of Energy. In that capacity, he managed the operation of three petroleum and three oil shale reserves with yearly operating budgets of between US$150 and US$240 million, and revenues of between US$440 million and US$1.2 billion. He was the founder of the DOE’s Unconventional Fuels Program.

Byron Dorgan is a U.S. Senator from North Dakota, where he sponsored an Energy Expo earlier this week. Mr. Dorgan has been in the Senate since 1992 and served in the House for 12 years prior to that. He is a senior member of the Appropriations, Commerce, and Energy committees. As a former state tax commissioner, Mr. Dorgan maintains a strong interest in appropriate regulations.

Susan Farrell is Senior Director of Upstream and Gas for PFC. Prior to joining the company in 2000, she spent nearly twenty years working in planning and international market analysis for two major oilfield services, Brown & Root Energy Services in London and Houston and J. Ray McDermott in New Orleans and London. Ms. Farrell has conducted on-site market assessments on every non-Polar continent but Australia. Her earlier experience was in strategy consulting in Brussels.

John Hatley is Vice President – Ship Power for Wärtsilä North America. His marine-based experiences in business development and project management in the design and construction of vessels for both domestic and overseas interests, his representation of owners, and ship operations span more than 30 years.

Jerome Hinkle is Vice President of Policy and Research of American Clean Skies Foundation. Formerly, he served as Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs for the National Hydrogen Association. He also served several years as a Brookings Fellow for Senator Byron Dorgan. In addition, Mr. Hinkle managed research and development programs in alternative engines and fuels for the U.S. Department of Energy where he was also Senior Analyst in environmental policy and international energy security. Prior to that position, he was Chief Economist for the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves.

David Kreutzer is the Research Fellow in Energy Economics and Climate Change at The Heritage Foundation's Center for Data Analysis. Prior to his current position, he served as an economist at Berman and Company, a Washington-based firm, and he was a professor of economics at Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where he also served as Director of the International Business Program. Dr. Kreutzer was a Visiting Economist at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1994.

Jeffrey A. Leahey joined the National Hydropower Association in June 2002 and was promoted to his current position as Director of Government Affairs in January 2007. Jeff monitors legislative, regulatory and legal issues affecting the hydro industry and represents the association before Congress, FERC and the federal resource agencies. Jeff also provides staff support to NHA's Legislative Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Hydraulic Power Committees. Jeff is an attorney, licensed to practice in Massachusetts. He graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 1999. He is also a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., where he received his BA in biology and political science.

Gal Luft is executive director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS) a Washington based think tank focused on energy security and co-founder of the Set America Free Coalition, an alliance of national security, environmental, labor and religious groups promoting ways to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. He specializes in strategy, geopolitics, terrorism, energy security, natural resources and economic warfare. He is co-author of Energy Security Challenges for the 21st Century (2009), Turning Oil into Salt: Energy Independence Through Fuel Choice (2009) and Beer, Bacon and Bullets: Culture in Coalition Warfare from Gallipoli to Iraq.

Kevin Massy is Assistant Director for the Energy Security Initiative at The Brookings Institution. Previously, Mr. Massy was a journalist with The Economist and an Associate Editor at CBS Interactive. In the mid-2000s, he was a U.S. Correspondent for AKA-TV, a position that followed his work in the UK with a media strategy company.

Fareed Mohamedi heads the Markets & Country Strategies Group at PFC Energy. Mr. Mohamedi also manages PFC Energy's oil market analysis team. Prior to joining PFC Energy in 1990, he was the lead analyst with regard to a number of petroleum and gas-producing countries for Moody's Investors Service. He conducted similar analyses for the Institute of International Finance in the Middle East and Asia departments, at the World Bank's Africa department, at Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates' Middle East service and at the economic research section of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy in Bahrain.

James Noe has held the position of Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Hercules Offshore for three years. Previously, he was CEO of Delta Towing and in the early part of the decade Mr. Noe was Corporate Counsel for BJ Services Company, a worldwide oilfield services company. He was in private legal practice from October 1997 to July 2002.

Lucian (Lou) Pugliaresi has been President of Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC) since February 2007 and managed the transfer of the group from New York to Washington, D.C. Previously he served on the foundation’s Board of Trustees. Mr. Pugliaresi filled a wide range of government posts prior to 1989, including positions in the National Security Council at the White House, in the Departments of State, Energy, and Interior, and at the EPA. Since leaving government service, Mr. Pugliaresi has worked as a consultant on a wide range of domestic and international petroleum issues.

Ambassador Urban Rusnák has been the Leader of the Project on External Energy Security of the Slovak Republic at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since May 2009. He has held government positions since 1992, including Deputy Head of Mission at the Slovak Embassy in Turkey, Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund, Deputy Head of the Department of Analyses and Policy Planning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic. He also served as Ambassador to Ukraine.

Elizabeth Salerno is the Director of Industry Data & Analysis for the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and has been with AWEA since 2005. Liz manages the data and analytical agendas for AWEA including energy sector statistics, wind market economics, wind project and manufacturing data, green jobs, market forecasts, wind energy benefits, and the effect of policy options on wind industry market growth.

Jonathan Silver was appointed Executive Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs nearly a year ago. Mr. Silver previously co-founded and was Managing Director of Core Capital Partners, an early-stage investor in alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, telecommunications and software. Mr. Silver’s earlier government service includes time as a policy advisor to three U.S. Cabinet Secretaries — Commerce, Interior and Treasury. While at the Commerce Department, Mr. Silver was a member of the team that negotiated the first clean car agreement with the nation’s auto manufacturers.

Jack Spencer is the Research Fellow in Nuclear Energy Policy at The Heritage Foundation's Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, a position he has held since 2007. His focus is on the economics of nuclear waste management and nuclear energy, as well as regulation and global market issues. From 1998 to 2005, Mr. Spencer was a Heritage analyst for defense and national security. Previously, he was at the Babcock & Wilcox Companies, a McDermott company, where he was a Senior Legislative Analyst. His previous work has been in commercial, civilian, and military nuclear energy issues.

Kristine L. Svinicki has been a Commissioner for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission since March 2008. Previously, she was on the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee, working for Senators John Warner and John McCain on nuclear defense, nuclear security, and environmental management. Ms. Svinicki served as a nuclear engineer in the U.S. Department of Energy, Science and Technology; in the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management; and in the Idaho Operations Office. Prior to those appointments, she worked as an energy engineer with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

Glenn Vawter is Executive Director of the U.S. National Oil Shale Association. He has been President of ATP (Alberta Taciuk Processor) Services for nine years. Previously he was Senior Vice President of Tosco Corporation for nearly 18 years, ending his tenure prior to the company’s move from California to Connecticut.

Joel Velasco is Chief Representative for the North America Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA). Previously he was Managing Director at Stonebridge International, Senior Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, and Associate at Simon Strategies. UNICA supports and promotes the production and use of sugarcane ethanol.

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